How it works ?

Giftiyo is a revolutionary platform that allows you to buy and redeem gift vouchers at any shop registered on . Whether you want to surprise someone else, or you want to celebrate specific occasions, Giftiyo gives you the freedom and flexibility to choose from a large number of top retail shops in your city.

Giftiyo is the ultimate platform for buying and redeeming gift vouchers at any shop. It’s simple, convenient, and flexible. Try it today and discover the joy of giving and receiving the perfect gift. Giftiyo is the gift of choice.

Here’s a detailed “How it Works” page for a gift voucher marketplace that sells gift vouchers which can be redeemed at any shop:

Gift Sender

  • Browse and Select
    Browse our wide selection of categories and brands of gift vouchers from top retailers. Choose the ‘Giftiyo’s MyChoice generic gift voucher’ or a ‘brand specific gift voucher’.
  • Personalize
    Personalize your gift voucher with a custom message, theme
  • Choose delivery method
    You can have the voucher delivered instantly via WhatsApp and SMS. You can alternatively choose to send the gift voucher on WhatsApp, SMS and physically as well along with a nicely decorated gift card. The gift voucher will be couriered to the recipient's address or your own address so you can give it physically to the recipient.
  • Purchase
    Complete your purchase by entering your payment information and confirming your order.

Gift Receiver

  • Redeem
    The recipient can redeem their gift voucher at any registered brand by visiting its specific outlet , simply clicking on the gift voucher link which was sent in WhatsApp/SMS, logging in with OTP, entering the amount to be redeemed and scanning the UPI code to redeem it .
  • Partial redemption
    Recipients can use the gift voucher in full or in part, depending on the amount of your purchase.
  • Enjoy your purchase
    You can enjoy your purchase knowing that you have used a gift voucher that suits your taste and needs. You can also check your gift voucher balance and history online at any time.